Day 3: Warding off the Wary

Some people are going to think you’re crazy. You’re not eating what? For how long? But wine is the nectar of the gods! Cheese is the reason for life! They’re going to throw a bit of a fit. Especially if they feel like your personal eating habits are going to affect them. You see, they’re caught up in the belief that you can’t have a good meal without, say, potatoes, pasta, and parmesan cheese. They’re worried they might go hungry with you eating this way.

When I asked my boyfriend what to call this blog, his suggestion was “Satan’s Diet”. No joke. Then I sent him a picture of the flank steak and peppers I was eating and that shut him up quickly. I have since been proving him wrong by cooking him several scrumptious paleo meals. It can be done.

Chicken Apple Sausage & Scrambled Eggs w/ onions, peppers, mushrooms & spinach

chicken apple sausage & scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, mushrooms & spinach

So be prepared for questions. Stand your ground. When they ask why, explain how you’re doing these things to make yourself healthier. Explain that this super-strict regime isn’t forever. You will have a bite of aged cheddar again, you’ll be able to make a champagne toast at another party, you will eat birthday cake…but only if you really want to. Don’t preach. Try not to get too defensive. Be strong.

Though I do give you permission to slap your boyfriend if he sticks herb-marinated mozzarella in your face and tells you how good it looks.

This is also why you should always be prepared with your own paleo-friendly snacks. That way, when temptation arises or there’s a long stretch between meals, you won’t make the wrong decision. I went on a trip to IKEA today armed with little containers of pecans and dried apricots. Next time I take a snack with me I’ll bring one of these:


Ordered online and received today, beef jerky without anything weird in it, from Primal Pacs! I actually used to work in the same kitchen space as these guys in Seattle. They stunk up the place with garlic powder while I was baking cupcakes and I always whined about it. Who knew it would come to this? Thanks for keeping up the good work guys! The jerky is awesome! Even the boyfriend likes it…


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