Day 4: Sophisticated Brute

The morning started off with attending the Church of Brunch with three fabulous friends. Brunch is my favorite weekend indulgence and probably the most difficult test of my restraint. What does one on a paleo diet order at a restaurant when confronted with choices like apple blintzes, corned beef hash, and huevos rancheros? Eggs are always a good start. Poached is best, since you know there’s nothing there but egg. Scrambled or fried is fine as long as you tell the server not to use any butter or milk. Now, peruse the menu for side options. Bacon is a no go (as I said before, it’s almost always made with sugar). Sausage may or may not be a good bet. If it’s cheap links, it undoubtedly has fillers or sugars, but if it’s made by a local, quality company you may be in luck. I went with chorizo to go with my eggs this morning because it was housemade and I could be sure of what was in it. Ask your server to be sure! Don’t be embarrassed. Sauteed veggies are also a good option (again, no butter), or a fruit plate. Even a burger patty goes great with fried eggs!

scrambled eggs with chorizo, fruit plate & orange juice

scrambled eggs with chorizo, fruit plate & orange juice

After brunch, we visited the local farmers market where I like to stock up on pasture-raised meats from Pine Mountain Ranch. I came home with ground beef, pork, and yak! At a neighboring booth I bought myself a fresh locally-caught Dungeness crab for dinner. I love how crab is considered such a fancy treat, but you get to be so primal and rip it apart with your hands, digging out the sweet meat and licking your fingers clean. So yummy! Especially dipped in homemade paleo curry mayo. Trust me, it’s the best.



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