Seattle, WA

Bio: I’m obsessed with food. I adore it. Not in a disturbing, I-eat-anything-and-everything-in-sight-so-I-can’t-even-move kind of way. I’m a bit more of a snob about it, I’m afraid. I love good food. And good food can be a great many things. It doesn’t have to include truffle oil or 30-year-old aged balsamic vinegar straight from Modena. It can be sweet or savory, vegetarian or loaded with meat, healthy or gut-busting. The most important thing is that it tastes good and you feel good eating it. Cooking (and baking especially) is my therapy. If I’m bored, stressed, or just HUNGRY, the kitchen is where I will take sanctuary. Fortunately, I now have a genuine excuse to spend so much spare time there. I started culinary school this January, so any cooking I do can be classified as “educational research”. To make the process even more academic, I’ve decided to write about my experiments and discoveries and share them with you, my lovely followers. I’ll be sharing recipes I make, new ingredients I discover, as well as restaurants I try. I’d also love requests and suggestions from you. This will be a blog for all my fellow foodies. I really hope you enjoy it!

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