An Introduction

I love food. It’s my religion. I go to the Church of Brunch every Sunday. I geek out over multi-colored cauliflower at the farmers market. Yelp is the most used app on my iPhone and I take photos of almost everything I eat. I’m a pastry chef. Every day at work I craft delectable gluten-free treats and surround myself in clouds of cinnamon and cocoa powder. And I’m vowing not to so much as lick a spatula for the next 45 days.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to a strict paleo diet.

Not familiar with paleo? In a nutshell, it’s a diet, or a lifestyle really, in which you eat the foods our ancient ancestors would have eaten. Meat, seafood, nuts, veggies, fruits and seeds. Things that were foraged, hunted and found. No cultivated grasses and grains such as wheat or rice or oats. No beans. No added sugars.

My mom has been paleo for a few years now. She preached her new-found eating habits to me and I fought her tooth and nail. There’s no way you can convince me grains are bad for you, that a morning bowl of oatmeal or a side of quinoa with dinner is detrimental to my health. Humans have been consuming grains for thousands of years, certainly they’re safe to eat?

Then I started reading. The Paleo Solution, The Primal Blueprint, It Starts With Food. There’s some serious science behind this concept. But ‘m not here to convince you. The point of this blog is not to preach, but to share and inform. If you’ve done some research and you’re curious about this whole paleo thing, follow along and see how a girl who seriously loves food can go without bread and brownies and spicy black beans. I promise I won’t go hungry.